Delicious Range of Flavours


Tantalising Traybakes

Our traybake range offers a selection of classic and contemporary styles to suit every taste and keep your customers coming back for more. Each individual recipe is carefully developed to achieve the right balance of ingredients and exciting flavour combinations. Whether it is the hugely popular Millionaire Shortbread (a delicious classic) or a more fruity combination like an Apple & Raspberry Flapjack, every slice is a pleasure on a typical British day out.

Product Range

You can download full details for our delicious traybakes range, along with details of our cakes and muffins, in our Product Range document; and you can see how tasty the traybakes look in our Product Directory!
Prices are available on request, so please contact the Bakehouse.

Attention to detail

We produce small batches of each product to maintain consistent standards, provide strict stock rotation and an excellent shelf life. Each tray is pre-cut and ready to serve and comes sealed in a cellophane bag and supplied in its own protective box. To enable you to achieve a more varied and interesting display at point-of-sale, some of the traybakes are cut into 15 portions and some into 16 portions.



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