Classic and Timeless Flavours


Heavenly Cakes

Cake might not cure all the world's ills, but a slice of cake and a cup of tea (or coffee, if you please) is a real treat and often what people are looking for when they visit a cafe, coffee shop or farm shop ... a little indulgence. Our cakes really are truly scrumptious with a traditional range of flavours, filled with plump fruits, Tiptree jams, creamy fillings and yummy toppings.
Whether your customers prefer fruity flavours, like Tangy Lemon or Fresh Banana or prefer spicy Jamaica Ginger or Rich Chocolate, there's a treat for everyone. If they can't decide there's always the classic Victoria Sponge now with twice the amount of delicious creamy filling and tasty Tiptree Jam!

Too good to eat ... almost!

All our cakes are available as Loaf (8 - 10 portions) and Round (12 - 16 portions) styles to suit different service environments and are uncut to allow for individual portion size control. We'll leave how generous you are for you to decide!

Product Range

You can download full details for our delicious range of cakes, along with details of our traybakes and muffins, in our Product Range document; and you can see how tasty the cakes look in our Product Directory!
Prices are available on request, so please contact the Bakehouse.



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